Hosting Easter Dinner?

Here are a few tips to add to your dinner planning.

Use Pastel Spring Colors for Décor
Nothing says Easter like pastel colors. Pink, purple, blue mixed with yellow will create a bright and cheerful atmosphere for your guests.  You can keep the theme going by buying juice and sherbet to create a pastel colored punch.

Finger Foods/Hors d’oeuvres
Be sure to have finger foods ready to serve when your guests arrive. Most of the time, the guests arrive a half-hour to an hour before dinner and are often ready to eat when they arrive. No need to have them waiting until dinner for a bite to eat.  Deviled eggs and cheese & cracker platters are my go-to for dinner parties at home.  Both are light, quick and easy to make and won’t disappoint your taste buds either.

Don’t Forget About the Kids
Kids love Easter.  Have activities for the kids to do. Some people traditionally hold Easter egg hunts but you can create your own traditions. Kids just want to have fun. Be creative with your activities and if all else fails, hide those eggs!!

Relax and Enjoy
Dinner parties at home can be very stressful if you allow them to be. Making sure everything is just right for your guests can leave you with your head spinning but I say relax and enjoy. Your guests can tell if you are tense and worried. The wonderful thing about entertaining at home is that you have full control of the atmosphere. You can be as fancy or casual as you like. Take time to talk with your guests and enjoy them being in your home.  You want your guest to feel comfortable and welcomed not guilty that you are hosting and cooking dinner for them. Accept the help when someone offers to wash dishes or help clear the table. You are not superman/woman and trying to act like you can do it all will only have you very close to passing out by the end of the night.

Breath, relax, and enjoy!

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