Corporate Responsibility

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A Responsibility to our Communities & the Environment

The world is changing and so should the way we do business.  At the launch of our company, we wanted to keep in mind more then just our bottom line because our surrounding communities need us just as much as we need them.  We feel that it is our duty as a company to continually monitor and revisit our business practices to ensure that we work in an efficient and sustainable manner.  The decisions we make today impact not only the environments in which we live and work, but also our communities and future generations.

Community Efforts

We enjoy opportunities that allow us to give back to the community.  Our focus on the youth has allowed us to partner with non-profit organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club in order to provide the amazing experience of seeing an NBA game.  Through the help of sponsorships, we have been able to make it possible not only for children to see the game, but to also have the opportunity for on court experiences.  This selfless contribution creates a memory that these children will never forget.

Greener Practices

In a business that can be paper intensive, we continually look for ways to minimize printing to save on paper, ink, and toner usage for ourselves and our clients.  We believe that improving our practices begins with us, but continues on to those we do business with – ultimate reducing not only our own carbon footprint but that of our clients as well.

Online Portal

Our online client portal, which enables clients to also electronically sign documents –  decreases our hazardous waste and greenhouse gas emissions by:

  • Cutting down on the need for mail and courier services
  • Reduces the need to print contracts and invoices
  • Reduces ink and toner usage

Utilizing the portal keeps all of those involved organized and makes recalling documents easy and secure.

Companies who place a high level of importance on these key areas can be secure in the fact that aligning with us also helps to further their own sustainable missions.

Online Invoicing

Providing our clients with convenient payment methods ensures that we stay up-to-date with today’s ever-changing technology.

Site Security

Your security is as much of a priority as our own which is why our site maintains a proper SSL certificate to protect your information.